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Top 25 Best Websites for UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation

Top best websites for IAS Exam preparations IAS exam is consider as one of the prestigious exam in India . You have to focused on right guidance and strategies to clear the UPSC examination. many people confused How to prepare for ias exam , where to get

How To Track Your lost Mobile Phone Location

     There are many chances to loss our cellphone or to trace a mobile number. Whether we can find the lost child or any person if they having their mobile phones. Now it is very simple!!! There is the simple way to  track the accurate  location

How To Install a WordPress Theme

      You can easily install the wordpress theme within the few minutes.Installing a WordPress theme is the easy task, sometimes it varies depending  on the theme and it’s availability in the WordPress themes directory .Sometimes there is the lack of the theme what you search for.

Best 10 Web Design Trends to Follow 2016

In the past article i explained  few amazing Web Design Trends. In this article i am going to explain few more website designing trends tunes to attract customers. Web design trends  changing day by day. There are certain trends that one needs to follow to keep pace to

10 Best Android Shooting Games free download

     Shooting games  is  the most popular games among all mainly to the kids and the youngsters. Most of these games are rocking with the flashy graphics and the  high-intensity firefights 10 Best Android Shooting Games free download:     Here in this article i give

How to solve Error: “consider replacing your battery” on windows 7

       Sometimes when we are working seriously in our laptop,the error message will appear in the screen error “Consider Replacing your battery”? with  the notification in a battery meter icon  especially for the window 7 users. Not only for the old system, it will happen to

How to monitor child’s activities on computer

     A computer monitor (known as a keylogger) is an invisible tool that records every keystroke to an encrypted and hidden log file. The log file can be sent secretly via email, or uploaded to a website via FTP, or sent to another PC on the

How To Book Train Ticket By SMS

    In the past article we are discussed about how to book the IRCTC.  Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) launched the ticket booking which can be done through non-internet based mobile. You not even need the internet connection to book the ticket in the

How to increase Utorrent Download Speed

    UTorrent is a free BitTorrent client where it is used by widely by many people to Download Torrent Files Directly. A µTorrent Server is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X or Linux.Many people prefer UTorrent to downloads games,softwares and movies from torrents,  Because