Already i wrote more article about money making with the Google Adsense, shows the best way to increase the revenue , But there are many other ways to make money with the Google website, who are not comfortable with the Website . So today in this tutorial I will show you how you can create Google Adsense Account without having a website.


Google Adsense Account Without A Website :

Make money with the Youtube is the best and the easiest  way of  getting Adsense account via. YouTube, you can create Google Adsense within 1 hour by YouTube monetization method, upload videos that can be very popular .May be the doubt will arise!! YouTube monetization method is disable in many countries? Then how to earn money?? if monetization method is disable in your country then use proxy . :

Hubpages is the  free way to make money with the Adsense . You can become a member of HubPages and integrate your Google AdSense account with them.You can easily integrate Amazon, eBay, Kontera and Google AdSense into your Hubs in order to earn money You write for them, and make money with Google AdSense on the revenue from the clicks. You can add Google analytics in order to keep accurate statistics on where your visitors are coming from, which pages they are coming to, how long they stay on the page and other useful information as well. :

Flixya is website where you can share videos, photos and blogs, and earn on AdSense income as well.Flixya also gives you free unlimited image hosting that you can use to post ads with on Ebay or Craigslist. Just sign up on, add your complete information, after that upload at least 10 pictures, now you need to create blog and apply for Adsense. :
Squidoo  is similar to Flixya ,popular Google AdSense revenue sharing writing site on the Internet.  Joining in the  Squidoo is free. It’s not easy to make money from Squidoo as it shares the AdSense revenue according to the rankings of your lens (articles) with their ranking system. When your lenses get good traffic and Google AdSense clicks from visitors, you earn a percentage from the clicks