In the past article i explained  few amazing Web Design Trends. In this article i am going to explain few more website designing trends tunes to attract customers.

Web design trends  changing day by day. There are certain trends that one needs to follow to keep pace to fullfil the expectation of the  audience. Read on as we will be listing them down here in our article of the day.


If your design is  overwhelmed and distracted with slow  loading speed becoming a crucial factor. clean and clear  design focuses their attention  will create the good opinion about your business, which in turn makes it more likely that consumers will spend when visiting your website.  Minimalism also works well with mobile. This clean and uncluttered design style is also perfectly suited to compact, helps the interface fit into a small screen easier.

while also enabling limited colour schemes and a restricted number of UI elements to optimise your chosen layout. Such a design ethos also drives higher sales conversions, as the consumer experience is simplified and enriched over time. Designers seem to have made up their mind to remove the non essential elements from their design offering simplicity, making the designs as simple as they can be,


Typography is in trend nowadays. Designers have got a lot inspiration to use fonts as a tool for branding and this is becoming quite a trend in web design. A professional designer’s customized typography is better for emphasizing your brand’s uniqueness. Big and bold use of typography across web pages exudes the independent status of the site. You can also  download free fonts from around the Web. One of the major trends already in use by some websites and will continue to be in use, is using images for the background.

Card Design

We all know about the renowned website Pinterest .Card design is one trend that designers are getting attracted towards as it doesn’t only look great, but it’s functional too. Each card represents one unified concept. They will show in  rectangular shape makes them easier to re-arrange for different device breakpoints.

Static Design

We are already witnessing the changes in the slider part of the designing. It is anticipated that we will be seeing more static and less moving parts in designing as users want quick and digestible content that is directly without distraction.

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Hero images:

Big hero images will grab attention toward your page. Thanks to advances in bandwidth and data compression, users won’t suffer from slow load times either.hero area is a common terminology in print media referring to the intro area on a website’s top having a big image and a little text. One common layout you’ll find is a hero image above the scroll, followed by either zig-zagging sections or a cards-based arrangement.