Writing a blog is not the easy thing , aimless blogging is almost as bad  step when you enter in the blogging world. if you are considering starting a blog to earn money, then you are making a very wise decision. To ensure your success as a blogger, You must have  a clear idea the right niche to begin with. If you want a big profit, you have to search in the big market , not with the small business!!! Here in this article i will give the ideas about what type of niches that .

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Great demand Topics

There are many categories to consider when selecting a niche  that will produce desirable profits or allow you to build a large and dedicated audience for your blog.  if you want to write it for public, You have to study about the reader’s mind first, which topic they are interested in ?? Between this competition among the thousand of the blogger, You are in the necessity to  to deliver content that’s different, better, and more engaging.  As the blogger, will you be able to cater to that audience and write or produce content in a way the audience will relate to?

Short or long-term appeal

Don’t limit your topic too much because you can’t see beyond your current scope. Choose the popular topics change over time. Obviously it’s great to get on a topic before it becomes big rather than when it’s on the decline. what type of topic will people be searching the web for in 6 to 12 months.  Consider other blogs, websites, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, Blogs, TV shows, radio shows, podcasts, YouTube channels, Facebook pages and other content that’s out there and already targeting your audience.

Research  topics in online.

In the field of blogging , there are lot successful blogs  available in the internet. you’ll have to put in more effort to ensure your content stands out. If a particular topic has rarely been covered online, you’ll have to put in more effort when it comes to finding information for your articles.

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Profitable Topic for Your Blog

Health & Fitness

In today’s ever increasing digital world, everyone  has no time to maintain their health. They are searching for the solution of their problems. And you have a vast category  like diet, weight loss, exercise equipment,,Healthy living foodie blog nutrition,Running , Training etc. to  targeted niches that you can focus on. So that  the number of fitness, health, and happiness blogs out there can be overwhelming. So a blog within this market is guaranteed to earn you money. If you have a command on medicine and fitness related issues and think you have the potentials to provide people worth-reading and then worth-following tips regarding fitness and Health, This happens every time-little too often, ensuring a continuous inflow of money


Life hacker, Digital Trend, CNet, Hongikat, Gizmodo, mashable are the popular technology blogs that makes a   million dollar profit  by simply write about the latest technology news. About the new products the new gadgets  launched in the market. Just start it Meet reporters and editors. Meet technology insiders. Build relationships. Journalism is a relationship business and then you will see a huge traffic following your blog in no time.

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Another niche that has always been highly profitable is within the market of relationship advice. This is a huge market that has many targeted niches  like romantic relationship advice, dating sites, parenting advice, professional working relationships, social media, etc. Along with writing ability, you should be able to discuss common relationship issues and suggest possible resolutions.

Share solutions to problems and use your posts as writing samples for potential employers.You can also start commenting on other relationship blogs. Be sure your posts answer a question and add value to the blog. As you share your knowledge, you’re establishing yourself as an expert in your field. These comments also attract traffic to your blog and website.There are tons of people out there looking for relationship advice. Use your experience, wisdom and perspective to work as a freelance relationships copywriter.

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