Sometimes when we are working seriously in our laptop,the error message will appear in the screen error “Consider Replacing your battery”? with  the notification in a battery meter icon  especially for the window 7 users. Not only for the old system, it will happen to the new system too,even  after upgrading to Windows 7, users received this message, even if they had a new battery installed. But there is the simple solutions to solve this problems. This notification is new to Windows 7 and not available in Windows Vista or XP.

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     But the point is  battery i is allow to back up the contents , small red cross keeps blinking on battery icon on system  screen. Here in this article we have the simple solution to solve this error without any issues .


Reason behind  Error Consider replacing your battery?

     Let see what is happening  Windows  indicating  error that battery is damaged and  considering replacement. By reviewing this problems, we can guess many reason behind this problem. only 20% chances are there that your battery is fault and you  need to replace the battery. If we go through Microsoft about this error , after fixing the problem  some of the update will remove the error. Let go with the reasons

  1. Your battery is old and really need replacement, (if not go  through other reasons)
  2. You charging your battery plugged in to  Adopter even after fully charged
  3. You keep plug in and plug out the charger in between of the battery charging ad discharging process.
  4. Windows is not updated with latest patches and hot fixes
  5. You have recently  updated drives/software that caused this error.

How to rid Error Consider replacing your battery?

     There is no such quick solution besides updating your computers Windows, still you can opt any of the following solution to get rid of this error. You have to update your window to solve. Just follow the procedures given below.

  • Go to  Start and then Type “Windows update”After that  Locate View optional Updates
  • Then  select the all update, you can ignore the language relate updates and must to select the Windows important update.
  • This selection may differ according to size then  Update
  •  For installing restart  the system  for  2 or 3 times, then  you should be get fixed  from this error.

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 Battery charge level:

  • Whenever you are charging the battery , you have to follow this method, when your battery fully charged or at least 95%, you don’t keep charging after the limit, immediately  unplugged the charger.
  • Don’t keep  the system at  the battery  i.below  the limit of 15% or 10% , you have to plug in the charger.

Update  battery Driver:


  • Go to Start menu and then Type Device manager .
  • Go inside (If it ask for  Admin permission, type it) Then locate “battery icon”
  • In the option you will find Microsoft ACPI-Compliant control Method Battery Right click on it and Uninstall.
  • After uninstalling  battery icon  will disappear
  • You have to  Re-start your  system for 2 to 3 times.
  • Switch off your  system or don’t use the battery atleast for at least 6-8 hour.
  • Within 2 day the error will surely corrected.

      If you are using the new battery, the points given above will  solve the problem, But in the  old batteries, you have to check your Laptop manufacturer site and navigate . Update batter firmware from your manufacturer site

   In the  Laptop manufacturer site, Read the manual script fully to avoiding your damage of battery.

   These are solutions to solve the error “Consider Replacing your battery”.