Now you can able to publish your own book without any brokers  or the dealers . you don’t need to expect for the long days to market your book.Along with your writing hobby , you can also add the selling your book as the additional hobby and become the business person  You can get your income to become rich directly . Otherwise you need to publish yourself, you need the dealer to publishers to publish your book means, for that also online is offering your many experts as described in the past article


     Many people outside in the internet searching for the good books, a good book means a well-edited, well-presented, and well-formatted one.You can easily reach them directly.You can able to sell your book directly through your website or by your blog.  a blog is a biggest tool  for reaching new readers and turning those readers into customers.Make the most of our creativity and ingenuity when it comes to attracting readers to your blog and website.You don’t need to waste energy and your precious time to make your book popular among the people .You can get the driving potential readers to your website or blog .You can sell your copies of your book directly.

    DON’T WORRY!!!!! Marketing your book through your website or the blog is really the easy job.You directly sell your book as the  entrepreneur, In the past , you have to give the partnership to the contractors and the publisher.Now in the new modern way, they saves your lot of money.Write many books whatever you want, you will get your complete profit for your ideas,effort  and the hardwork .Not everyone can able to write the book, But everyone can able to sell the books.

connect with social medias :

   Before start writing , better know the people’s mind , what they want and what  kind  of books are in demand and another important factor is  which topic you are specialized in. Write about those topic, will reach the  potential readers easily.According to the marketing , brand value  is important to make the book more successful among the peoples.Connect your blog and the websites to the social medias, Interact with  the peoples who try to contact with you , Will increase your sales,and make more popular to your brand name too, you can also increase your exposure to the reading public

Apart from the social websites like twitter , facebook, pinterest , You can also connect with the YouTube .All blog and website hosts allow for embedding of media, such as video, and you only have to follow a few simple steps to post videos on WordPress or Blogger.Connect to the potential readers by the video conference , to describe more about your book, your experience, uour thought about your book.

Make your book as well your name to remember among the peoples, Write the brief description  regularly about yourself and your book on your social media platforms, website, and blog.Writing  more information about you and your book in a blog gives readers a chance to get to know you, as well as a chance to compare your likes and dislikes with their own.Make sure your vlogs are broadcast regularly  at least once a week  and invite your viewers and potential readers to submit questions or topics to you via a form on your site.Always give readers the opportunity to know you by presenting yourself openly and honestly in your blog. 

Promoting your book :

Another important factor of branding your book is by the cover. Select the attractive cover that will surely be dragging down to some eye-catching words in  reader’s head towards your book.Better attract the people  to promote the book meeting conference , Book show or  special Q & A sessions . Give better discounts to your book, and contact many contest related to your book in your websites and gift your book and reduction to the price of your book. It will make more sales of your book.Or you can provide  offer in the shipping .

readers will purchase your books by providing various ways to process payments directly on your site.So you have to mention that your site accepts credit cards online and for the international readers , you can integrate  with the paypal.

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It will be the better experience by selling your own book.enjoy your sales with your blog or by your websites.