UTorrent is a free BitTorrent client where it is used by widely by many people to Download Torrent Files Directly. A µTorrent Server is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X or Linux.Many people prefer UTorrent to downloads games,softwares and movies from torrents,  Because





  1. µTorrent  is very UserFriendly , Simple and convenient to Use.
  2. It is smaller in size(upto 1MB)
  3. Greater Download Speed as compared to other Torrent Clients
  4.  bandwidth Priority
  5. Scheduling Options
  6. RSS Autodownloading

and many good features, Even it is best Download Speed than other torrents,  But if you use it regularly, you will notice that Slow Download Speeds while Downloading Some Files.We can see a clear difference while using IDM(Internet Download Manager) . IDM downloads much faster than uTorrent. In this post I am going to mention a tip that will help to increase the download speed.

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 Tips to Increase Utorrent Speed

  • While downloading any torrent files,
  1. Download it Using IDM
  2. You must check that it should have good quality of Seeds and Peers.Make Sure that the torrent you are downloading should have higher number of seeders that the Leechers.
  3. Check your internet speed is higher or not, Otherwise make it higher
  • Try the Best Bit Torrent Client to Download Torrent

How to Increase Utorrent Download Speed

For that you have to follow the below steps in your uTorrent

  •  Download Latest version of  UTorrent  and install that on your computer.
  •  Open that program and from Options menu select Preferences (press Ctrl+P or click Options -> Preferences.)
  • Now in the Preferences Settings You have to Basically Tweak the Following Settings One By One.

Connection , Bandwidth , Bit Torrent , Queueing and Advanced Settings.

Connection Settings Changes

  • Change Random Ports Value to 45682.
  • Disable UPnP port mapping.




Bandwidth Settings Changes

  • Change the Maximum Upload Rate From 0 to 10.
  • Change Maximum Number of Global Connections from 200 to 2329.
  • Change Maximum Number of Peers Connected From 50 to 1890.
  • Change Number of Upload Slots Per torrent From 4 to 14.



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Queuing  Settings Changes


  • Change Maximum Number of Active Torrents From 8 to 10.
  • Change Maximum Number of Active Downloads from 5 to 10.
  • Change Seeding Global Minimum Ratio From 150 to 0



Bit Torrent Settings Changes

  • Enabled Prototype Encryption Outgoing.


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Advanced Settings Changes

  • Change bt.allow_same_ip change Value From False to True.
  • Change bit.connect_speed Value From 7 to 130 By Using The Set Value Option.
  • Change dht.rate from -1 to 2.
  • Change gui.show_nontorrents_nodes from True to False.
  • Change net.max_halfopen From 100 to 120.
  • Change rss.update_interval From 15 to 20.


You are all Done . Now You can Enjoy Downloading Your Files Through Utorrent at a Very High Download Speed.


You cannot Increase Your Internet Speed beyond the Bandwidth Provided by Your Internet Service Provider though it has increased speed For users having no Limitation on their Bandwidth.This Methods is Proved to Provide Constant Speed For torrents having low Seeders or Peers.It has also been noted that this method has decreased their Utorrent Download Speeds for a very few people so try this Method at Your Own Risk.We are not Responsible for any harm that comes to you after Reading this Post.It is intended to be Used For Information Purposes only.