In this article i’m going to discuss about few Effective Ways to Build  quality  organic backlinks quicklY and the detailed explaination of what is organic backlink, organic vs inorganic backlinks.  Backlink is one of the essential factor to your blog.  Apart from writing quality content and promoting it through social media, it’s important to build the  some quality backlinks to your blog.  

it helps to increase the traffic to your blog.  organic backlinks are naturally built and there is no manual way to build these links.After the recent search algorithm changes by Google like google penguin and panda algorithms, many blogs are punished for the missing of  good quality backlinks for their blog . To stay safe to your blog , to increase the traffic to your website, it’s necessary to take some action and building organic backlinks will surely help.

if you do a Google search for the keyword you want to rank for, then you will get a pretty good idea of what your competition has to off.  Matt Cutts, the head of Google SPAM Team has always been talking about link building and getting higher ranks in google search is mentioned below in this article.

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Organic Backlinks are the links which are naturally established for your blog from visitor.  There are many  ways to build links to your blog and none of them will competite  “Organic Backlinks”.Organic Backlinks are mainly useful  when you focus on high quality and unique content.

Sharing via Social Media Websites: 

Social media  is the easiest way to driving traffic to your blog over the net and engage many readers and subscribers to read it and re-share it. Facebook,Mixx, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, Digg, friendfeed Pinterest and many more,then focus on pushing content out to facebook which help to distribute articles among the connections we have over social media sites.

 Video blogging 

Many people are expert in creating the good and useful videos but they don’t try it yet.    You will get the  Consistent exposure by the video blogging, Only you need is the inspiration,if you are good to   embed it into their blog or websites and you can use it to drive free backlinks.  . it is more comfortable who are  good programming skills and he is sharing some knowledge through his videos.
 As Matt personally recommend, create good quality videos and if your video is good enough people willFor creating professional video you can use Camtasia profesisonal video software and this tutorial will help you to create video using Camtasia software.

Forum posting :

One of the best way to get the organic backlink is the forum or the group..Forums  like warrior forum,yahoo answers are good and very useful places for creating backlinks and driving traffic. if you are the active participant of the forum, you are targeting a new set of readers and exposing your article to different audience. Such users tend of stay more on your blogs.


Freebies :

sing a feebie to urge subscribers associated backlinks is a powerful strategy to get traffic to your website. You can’t get backlinks in real time, however over time you’ll get some quality backlinks. This indicates that  standard and kind of traffic you’re providing. If it’s an everyday one, sort of a free PSD template or a free theme then there won’t be a lot of use. Commute to work on creative things and provides them away in free of  charge.

Free Product and Services :

Free Product and services are one of the best working method to create a buzz about your services and drive traffic and most important backlinks. You can create a free WordPress theme, free WordPress plugin, facebook application, Toolbar, and so on.

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Online Communities :

There are numerous of online communities and forum over Internet. they are some blogs within the WordPress niche.Be a active participant in those sites and  share your contents also your queries and get links to your blog. Post an commentary  article or list out some resources, links to the articles on other blogs also helpful. Again it depends on the author of the article and  it is very much necessary to establish good connections with fellow bloggers to promote your blog