Coupons are like small advertisements  to expose your brand to maximum people.Coupons makes them feel a whole lot special and increases your return customer count.Many consumers are  spending their time in searching for the coupons,But some of the class consumers don’t care about the coupon, are willing to pay the full price.Few consumers will ready to buy , if there  are good offer in that coupon.Anyway for the shoppers ,mainly who want to purchase in online.
Coupons are a proven way to increase online sales for any business. You can easily satisfy the customers with the coupons..Mainly for the local online marketing ,Coupon is the part of their business. They make the customer for the long lasting relationship with the shop.Offering the coupon is the best way to attract the customers to the shop.
If your business sales is low, then you must have to consider about the coupons.You can directly send the coupon to their mail boxes or through the social media websites or by the advertisements in the other websites or to the blogs.Coupon the main strategy to increase the customers who don’t even know about your websites, or to maintain the customers to come back again and again  to your websites and make your website more   popular than before. you have a shopping cart program that allows your customers to enter a coupon code.

First you have to decide what type of coupon you are going to provide to attract the consumers, It may be depend upon the cost or by discounts or by any trips.That must be the life time investment to gain more new customers then look at the offers how often your customers come back and how much they spend over that time and subtract your variable costs .Put up an irresistible looking product image on the coupon.Ensure your contact details are available on coupon.

Set the various offers to the various customers depending upon the product ,not your fixed costs like rent.


Rewards to  Social Media Fans 

Use your Facebook page to Offer discounts and coupons  to your fans right through Facebook, or you can choose to use third-party apps. , It  will spread up through the mutual friends and the other pages.Otherwise reward them via the applications, It will keeps the customers to stay permanent in your site.hey are more likely to share those coupons with their friends and relatives. This helps you gain new customers! and your website will easily spread through facebook fans.Provide more offer to encourage  their loyality. you will attract a following that will gain interest in what you have to say and what you are offering.

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Provide the various offers daily or in the hourly basis in the twitter. Provide the promotional coupons or the additional discount who all retweet your post.  Consider sending the coupon via email along with their order confirmation.Send the mails who are contacted you and who visited more in  your websites and consider the followers you set your product as the favorite..It is the greatest way to improve the sales of your product via social medias.

Apart from the social medias you have to target on the  local advertising too.Your offer will go out to subscribers in your area, advertising your business to a large local audience.Local consumers will come again and again , it is the greatest way to  improve your business.

You now have a happy customer and an ensured follower or fan.



Turn your offline customers to the online buyers. Create a coupon code and print it on the back of your business card or other promotional material and pass all over the cities.Or publish the coupons through the Newspaper.Newsletters are a proven way to increase your sales and allow you to offer special ‘subscriber only’ e-coupons.Provide offer orthe rewards to the subscribers  those who sign up to receive your publication. Subscribers will remain engaged with your business, which can lead to increased sales as well as grow your subscriber database.

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 Clearing excess or old stock & brand loyalty

Another main advantage about the coupon is most of the retailer will  end up stocking more than you can sell or there are times where you have loads of unsold old stocks. To clear the unsold old items , you can run a coupon campaign and ship these at a discounted price and increase your sales.Provide the product with the high quality ,: Flash your brand name on the coupon and increase brand awareness..And make it advertise, provide discount codes  or the e- coupons of varying amounts to pass on to pleasantly surprised existing customers. You can also encourage repeat visits by offering an e-coupon towards a future purchase. These rewards  will be create the good image among the  shoppers and it will automatically create the  brand loyalty.

Shipping coupons

Note the e- coupon where the consumers will purchase the product more,provide the coupon again or provide the better deal to the special consumers who buy again and again.If you are not ok with the  coupons, provide the discounts in shipping.It won’t affect the profit much.

If your brand is going downward trend on your sales graph, go ahead with some coupon distribution. Coupons will increase the sales within the short period.