Indian law enforcement agencies requested Facebook  in  California to block content in 4,765 instances citing local laws between July and December last year, the largest by any country.



The social networking giant said tops the lists of requests for blocking content on face book i after government officials and the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (ICERT) reported that such posts were violating  local   laws like criticising  people in a religion or the state.

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As per data from the second Government Requests Report by the California-headquartered firm, India made the highest requests for restricting content, followed by Turkey (2014), Pakistan (162), Israel (113), Germany (84) and France (80).

On blocking content, Facebook said: “We restricted access in India to a number of pieces of content reported primarily by law enforcement officials and the ICERT under local laws prohibiting criticism of a religion or the state.”

Facebook announced the information of India had  a  second largest number  with requests made on 3598 instances , and United States of America tops the list with 12598, for the year ending 2013.

According to their review ,India had made the count of 100 million Facebook users, second only to the US — law enforcement entities made 3,598 requests for information on 4,711 users in the last six months of 2013

Finally Facebook received more than 28,000 government data requests during July-December 2013. Following requests from the US and India were that of the UK (1,906 requests), Italy (1,699), Germany (1,687) and France (1,661).

Governments added the contact firms (like Facebook) to restrict access to content on the Internet that it believes violates their laws. “Requests are scrutinized to determine if the specified content does indeed violate local laws. If, after a thorough legal analysis, we determine content appears to violate local law, then we make it unavailable in the relevant country or territory,” it added.