BuySellAds is one of the best online Direct Advertising Network  growing  most popular  among the world.Many bloggers and the websites prefer  the buy sellAds(BSA) as the alternative of the google adsense. But it is hard to get the BSA than the adsense. BuySellAds   is the one of the oldest business being playing the important role in the online business even in the google adsense direct ads get the more revenue than the other advertising networks.BSA earn more profit to the advertisers as well as the publishers.

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What is Buysell Ad?

Buysell Ad is run by the simple concept.Accept ads which are related to your niche,Advertisers want to sell their product through your website . if you set the price for the ad space in your blog or the website , After your blog get the adsense approval ,advertisers can buy those ad spaces.It is the very easy accept like the buying and selling  the product in the market is the greatest opportunity of monetizing your website  or blogs  .Here the ad space will occupy this product.You may set the price of the adspace  depending upon the size you are going to sell , it may vary in  slot such as 125 X 125,336 X 280,728 X 90 or in Custom Banner size.


How BSA works?

BuySellAds Network then informs the blog owner when an advertiser is interested in buying an Ad-Space on their website or blog.The Ad-Space is directly purchased through the BuySellAds Network.BuySellAds is also works as CPM and Direct Ad methods.While selling the AD space The moment you click on the download button you will see them on your site and certain amount will be credited to your account.BSA  takes 25% Commission from your earnings $100 at end of month then you will get the profit of  $75 .It was described in correct  payment procedures.

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Apply for BuySellAds



You can apply for the Buysell Ad website here. you have to is sign up an account, fill your complete personal details with email id and then after pasting the verification code your account is registered successfully with them. it will take the same procedure like Google Adsense in Approval Progress.the these website  takes 4-5 working days to approve your request for an account; once your request has been approved you can login with the password.

How to get Approval from BuySellAds?

Before you get these BSA approval you must get this qualification

  •  good Page Rank.
  •  have an SEO Friendly Blog.
  •  unique and quality content.
  • Main Language of website should be English.
  •  RSS Subscribers.
  •  at least two Ad Spaces.
  • Your Blog must receive at least 50000 page views per month.

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Payment details

The BSA will send the 75% of the revenue  payment through PayPal where they set the Minimum payment charge as  $ Cheque as the Minimum  payment as $50,in Wire Transaction set the Minimum  pay as $500 and in the additional advantage in the Wire Transfer then their in $35 fee for every Transaction.