There area many opportunities in the online working in the internet . With the help of the technologies you can earn easily from home itself.Many people wonder that  if they would like to work from home, they work in the busy corporate city among the heavy traffic.Here in this article i’m going to share about my experience what i ‘m facing in the online jobs and how i’m feeling to work at home.Sometimes i feel i’m more blessed but in certain time i;’m confused that i took the wrong decision or not?But both the pros
and the cons are more enjoyable.There is more pros and the cons to adjust the working habits.





You can able to work at your desired time, you don’t need to wake up so early, get ready to the office among the heavy traffic in the hot sunny season. you can work with your full freedom without any dress code even in shorts and t-shirts. You don’t need to do the night shift. or if you are the person who likes to work at night , that was also more flexible. You can work anywhere even in the terrace or in the desert,that is also possible in online jobs .If you are married or have children at home, this type of work situation could be especially convenient for you.You can able to spend more time with your friends and families.You can able to work more relaxed than working  in office. Schedule your own time, set your goal and try to achieve it.

 You’ll save money:

This is the main reason where many of us choosing online jobs. it save your shops renting amount , travel expenses  and he other extra expenses.  Working in online or the home businesses will reduce your monthly expenses when compare to working outside. mainly for the internet retailers reduce the other occumstences. Working online from home can save quite a bit of money in travel avoid your stress and even your shopping and the food expenses too

Freedom in work

You may able to take the honest opinion, None will stop you . No other superiors or the HR or any boss to stop your decision.You have more freedom in your work. No one there to scold you, make you more stressful. No one there to urge you to complete the job within the limited would be quite in favor of working from home.This the main advantage of working at home.Even if you want to quit this job, No one there to stop you, When you want you restart it again.

This the one reason enough to satisfied in working in online jobs.Working in your own legs with more freedom is essential than any other factors ,Even it covers the million dollar satisfaction.

 It is healthier

You have more time to concentrate on your health, i started to do the online job, when i felt in sick for the month in jaundice , then i continue to work in online.  i spend more time in exercises and to prepare more nutritious  food to our family, i shifted my working time at night .i never skip my meals after working in online, no need to eat in the street food s and the fast food centers. says goodbye to unhealthy food.





If you are living with your family, kids , spouse and the friends it is really hard to work among them. kids will always interrupt us when you start to work.They will always knock the door even if we close it. If you live alone this should not be a problem.,otherwise the friends and the family discourage us by interrupting our  work. it will hardly eliminate the problem.You have to set free time after they slept.

Supervision and Feedback

When you work at home , no one there to supervise you and judge your final product, if you did any mistake, no one there to correct you , you have to correct yourself with more research and collecting information , mainly with the experiences. But the advantage is you can work on your own shoulder with more freedom, so you can able to give your best,high chance to show your talent to  give the high quality product.At same time feedback is more essential ,At that time go for the online enquiry or the phone enquiry  services to the supervisor , they will send feedback in calls or through mails.

The lines between your private life from your business life:


Working at home make us to spend more time with the family.It is the advantage , at same time it will become disadvantages too
This is largely about making your work space more professional for your clients  but it could also boost your teh people’s view work while you  work, pay while you play. A physical separation from your work can provide a mental or emotional separation. When your office is your home, you can find yourself working at all hours of the day rather than taking a little down time . Sometimes it create the break up among the relationship.


And mainly it is more hard to explain among the relations,If someone ask what job are you doing , are you working or not, they don’t understand if we explain that we are working with the websites or the online business. ,It will be difficult to get credit if you work on the Internet with no fixed monthly salary or a company to back you up. sometimes it create problem in real life too.

Even the online jobs have many pros and the cons,i enjoy the life with more freedom, that is more essential for me than other factors….