Many website will promise you  to make you as  filthy rich.They will lure you with their schemes and their funds or by the part time jobs to make thousand dollar within  a month.Don’t believe all those offers. Many house wives work at home .the online scammers will make us of their interest .Mainly they are focused on the unemployed person and mainly in the assessment period.they tempted us to provide job to us or to make us rich, the scammers will make use of their interest or their poverty and  being exploited to rip off honest workers.You do not have to fall victim to any of them.
They mix up with the money making schemes.In this article i discussed about how to differentiate between a legitimate job opportunity and a fake money making schemes. this article help you to save your money and your time ,and help you to protect from the illegal job opportunities.

Mails and messages

They spread their messages to your mail boxes.s it can be very hard to distinguish a trusted message from a scam.  You can’t avoid such scammers.They are spread all over the internet.
They try to catch our eyes though the blinking ADs.If you click on it and get brought to a very professional looking website. Sometime they don’t even give their company names or the informations.t has testimonials from past users and images showing you how to make huge amounts of money .Be wary of email addresses that are “free” email accounts like yahoomail, Gmail, etc. Most companies have email addresses set up specifically for the business. Finding out more about any website you visit is always a good way to avoid being the victim of these scams.
Some of the fraudulant  will enter in the sales.they can email you every day until you buy something. They send you lot of mails everyday.They provide Offers without any contact details.They don’t want to hear your petty complaints about spending lots of dollars on systems that don’t work – See more at:

Through those mails they will get your personal informations and they easily enter into your life and get your whole amount and make you poorer.Many of these scams are really money making schemes waiting for you to click on the link and unknowingly be brought to a different website that you do not know and are not familiar with. Be aware of the unknown websites.

Job opportunities

Many companies will ask you to pay for offering the job opportunity to will tempt you when you are seeking for the job or for someone who search online jobs.They will conduct the interview , you will pass all the round , and in the final round of the interview they will ask you to pay money for them to give job to you.Even i can also faced so many interviews like this.many scams tried to trick me into paying up front, with the promise that i can make it all back and more.
 There are some legitimate business opportunities, online  jobs out there, since employers are discovering the economies afforded to them. Always look at the details and watch out for suspicious lines like requests for your bank card or bank account numbers. Regardless of how detailed a recruiter explains the job, never bite into it until you have scrutinized every detail and understand the offer in its entirety.
The reason why they ask you to pay money for Training materials or a training session.Or in the marketing business they will  give the  Goods that you will sell on or for Materials that you will assemble and send backBut in the fake companies Once you’ve paid out, the pay never need to collect  more information and verify all the details before you pay money to them.

Payday loans:

Sometime s they choose the payday loan to get the extra money,When you thought you finished all the loan amount, they will demand you to pay the extra money  as the long term.


Another main way they try to get money through entertainment way as the form of Gambling, Once you involved in that scam, it is hard to came out of it. There are many online gambling scams like online poker, a bet on the horses or a trip to a casino, gambling lures .When you started to play ,you will win at the beginning of the game, but at the end you mist become the loser.

Another hectic way where many of the people lose their life is the bookies and the casinos. They seems to be so catchy, with the quick rich ideas. But this entertainment will get all your money, Not only the money, there is more chance to lose your life.Better spend your time and the money in some other good ways.

Beware of these fraudulent and save your money !!!!