People all around the world speaking different language . Many of us in the internet where English is not their  mother tongue . Not All the people searching in the internet know English. Many of us want to collect information in their convenient language . But most of the blog are in english only.People who has English is not their  mother tongue , it os the great opportunity  . they need a translator  for helping them to  learnt different things on internet .You can earn money in the translation.





Many of the  legal websites ready to pay for the translation.  anyone who knows language other than English can apply for the translation job.It will be the additional  income for you in translating in your language to , e-books, documents, websites, articles, book and a lot more. In the internet there are increased tremendous opportunity in the technologies.

 The income you earn from this job depends on your potential and skills in your language.Google offer you a tool for the translating the text  from one language to another.We have Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools .that help us translate more efficiently and are especially useful in translations with recurring vocabulary. But the disadvantage is These tools never support the grammar .So only they need a  skilled translator for the proper and accurate translations. Many of the top  websites ready to pay to high income   for qualified and skilled translators .

Requirements for an Online Translator

 Apart from the language skill you need to have some skill in writing. Your article not just the word to word translation, you really need the skill in the translation.And your writing must be easily understandable for the common man also. Writing in your mother tongue is the correct choice ,so only you don’t need to put the extra effort in translating. 
Before start writing read more articles or the book and improve your knowledge and additionally you will get more sample and the reference .You need training and experience as a translator and complete familiarity with the subject you are translating.

 Top online freelance  translation websites

I have few  genuine freelance websites ready to pay you for the translation. All you need is just choose one or more websites,register on  those websites  fill it up with your skills and abilities, you can post your sample work  to create good impression  when the site owners see your you are ready to show your talent and skills to the internet world. So if you are skilled in translating two or more languages then you can easily qualify for the job  as an online freelance translator. 
Translatorscafe is best  of all  freelancing  online  translating websites . this site  has no joining fee and you have to register by updating your profile  describe your specializations as well as the services you offer to get their job. Translatorscafe is a multilingual website and it is easy to find jobs.
Translatorscafe also provides jobs like copywriting, editing, proofreading, interpreting, etc. You can establish long-lasting contractual relationships with agencies and clients without paying a dime. There is no need to upgrade your membership.

Translators Town is a trustworthy translation agency. First You have to register by creating your profile in Translators Town. Either you can select the paid and free membership With paid membership,It will provide you the 2 offer by contacting directly to the client or by  bid on translation jobs posted in translator town 


you can be placed on higher position in directory and can add more language pairs. Bidding on translation jobs is only available for paid members. Free members can’t bid on jobs. They can add a maximum of three language pairs and is placed below the paid members in the directory.  They will pay by the hourly basis for the translation.


The other freelancer websites that pay for the translation are 

In addition to this freelance work providing sites such as

Elance,  oDesk etc. are offering opportunities to new translators.