I am going to sharing the view of how many experts made money with their blog. you can create the blog in your ideas without any restrictions. And it is the great boom to the person who love to write which leads to the  long-term income  as the real online business.. but it will takes time, not suitable for  who searching for the quick rich scheme.

There is no guarantee  to make lot of money for because you can make a little, or a lot of money.even it is part time or full time job, no problem what tit was? That all depends on you if you put your full effort … you

Here’s the big difference between making money online and going to a job every day. If you do it right, the work you do today, this week, and this year – will continue making money for years to come. It’s an investment rather than trading your time for money.

How blog works

Blog is the website where you can share anything like views, reviews, technology, computer related, health , politics with your own original way. And people may interact with you through their comments and messages. no need to write in your interesting topics, that must be in people’s interest. the perfect blog is the  combines text,graphics,  videos,images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic you write. The ability of readers to leave comments in an interactive format forms a large part of a blog.

 Topic Selection

The important part of blogging is to select the best topic. the topic  must be related to what you are going to write.
you are going to write about.  if it’s main purpose is to make money, your topic must be helpful to the visitors. do the research . and write in your own style and it must be unique.  the topic you select must be in current trend ,  and have more business value. You can supply new content or add value to existing content.. and my idea is you must interact with the other websites related the topic you write, build the community , that’s more helpful for the more traffic to your website.
If you are still unsure about what topic to choose, I recommend you go to the below blogsite which contains a long list of topics(ideas) to get you started.
Choosing the blog name is really simple. id you decided to run the blog, you will open it within the hour. choosing the keyword is the tougher task. we must know  what the reader would buy.
Start the blog
Connect this link to visit A Small Orange.   A Small Orange is a great hosting company, in this  link will take you through the process of registering a domain name for your blog and signing you up for hosting.  Hosting is a service that allows you to rent a special computer, attached to the internet that will run your blog.

A Small Orange offers a number of plans between those plans, i  recommend their Medium plan as it’s a great starting point and you can always adjust up or down as you need in the future.   then sign up to the orange.



 Choose a domain name

A niche is a specific sub-topic of a more popular and general topic. Search engines find and cache the articles that you write, and over time each post is “worth more” to the search engines. we should get the money as per if we increase the traffic of the website.If possible aim for one that has at least one of the keywords you would like to be found in the search engines for.

After entering SIGN UP, you’ll  enter a domain name.  A domain name is the www address that you enter into the Address bar of your browser.

Enter the domain name (without the http or www)  in the orange circled area above and press the blue Search button.


while choosing the blog name, choose shorter name( Avoid using abbreviations), and .com extension, Do not use hyphens, string the words together. and Order your domain name for 2 years.

Setup a blog hosting account

Setting up a blog hosting account is really easy. There are many easy way  free blogging services that will host your blogs and allow you make money.

Here is a list of popular free blog servers :



This blog is managed using Google’s Blogger.com  and hosted on their blogspot.com domain. Take a look the URL of my blog :                                                            


When you sign up for a free blog account on Blogger.com,

you will get the name in the format : yourblogname.blogspot.com. 


 Create Your New Blog


When you are decided to create the blog, find the home page. decorate the blog with the correct theme.. it will personalize the topic you are going to write about.