Pinterest is the fastest growing social network ever.More the 70  million of people enjoy spending time pinterest. Everyone has their favorite list to search pinterest is the best website who searching for the website to sells their  products to the public. Pinterest  generates more website referral traffic than Facebook, twitter, linkin, YouTube, Reddit and Google Plus.






Day by day The Pinterest grow fast more tremendously in the Internet. they  ruled the overall websites  just by the  “Pin It” button .They giving more life to the bloggers , therefore their traffic will automatically get improved.themselves. Smart phone applications now abound for browsing pin boards on the go. It is truly amazing how fast and far this little website has come in the last year.


How Pinterest Work?


Many people using pinterest to searching , promote their product, pinning, updating their profile, following their interested content just by the ‘Like”button and the “repin ” button .they uploading their picture or video. Pinterest is the great way to sell their product , where “pin ” and “repin” button help to spread your profile to over all network. Your pins also go into a specific category for browsers looking for neat things for their own interests.


Money making way


You can easily make money with the pinterest. you have to list your product ans fix the sale price, upload the image of the product. . At the top left side  of the main page, the navigation toolbar shows the categories and a “Gifts” option. Clicking the “gifts” shows price ranges for products.  When the visitors search in your category ,Your product  will display in the item get the opportunity to mark it as a product as the purchase list.They click on your item, go to your website and complete the sale on your website.The great plus point is you can pin it many can also share your favorite pin to the social bookmarking site like, twitter,facebook, Google plus,Gmail and yahoo.


How to make sale


Even pinterest show the big gate to promote your product, you have to put some effort to sell your product. design your profile more attractively,inform your reader you can do the process for them for a cheap price .




=>The important thing you have to note is select the correct keyword  or the  key phrases and the tag line related to your product.That is the heart of your sales,You can create the positive brand recognition and increases the potential for sales.




=>After the keyword write the brief description  of the article or the product you going to promote.  Fill out this field fully, as this helps the users who are interested in your products or services find your boards, leading to increased repinning of your pictures.  


 Image URL 


=>Next main thing you have to Connect your Image URL to Your Website, it is the best way to increase the traffic to your website mainly for the  the rank of that article


Back Links


Every pin creates a back link to your website.just by clicking the pin like, your website   search engine rankings  will also get increase and also boost up to the Alexa rank.




ya!!!! Pinterest really is a search engine too.Pinterest has the SEO value(search engine optimization )inside.I tested it by putting up a strategic pin related to one of my posts  Your Keywords are the GPS for those in search of your products – if you want to make money on Pinterest,it is the gateway to find you and improve your sales.


Another way to improve your sale is by Include Your Site Name/URL On The Picture, choose flickr, photobucket. you can also share your picture to this sites too And then pin the images to Pinterest and watch the traffic and money roll in.