Create an app is the best idea to earn money. You don’t need to be have the great technical skills or be the great business man to build the apps.  Even if you have a fantastic idea and you can also  create some best app, don”t worry where it is right or wrong your work is to maximize users and thus revenue is a very important aspect in the success of your app..


You can also refer the Mobile Applications to make money

Few persons can join with the company to get the fund to  develop their apps and work on growing a user base. You can make the monetization from day one  itself your users  are willing to pay to solve the problem you’ve identified

Freemium Apps

Freemium is an exciting business model adopted by apps in recent times that is monetization option for games and apps generating  most  of the is raking in 76 percent of all revenue in the Apple App Store in the US and over 90 percent in the Asian markets

A freemium  business model app or game charges free to the user  make addicting with limited features, content or virtual goods. Thousand of the Users can access a premium version or additional content and feature through in-app purchase. This route has also been offered  for subscribing by the purchasable content in monthly content updates.

The free app or game with an in-app purchase removes the price point as a barrier for people to download an app and gives the developer the opportunity to prove the value of their product.but will have the opportunity to make purchases within the app to enhance the experience.

CSR Racing reached 12 million  $ per month  due to the sales of cars and improvements during the game.

Clash of clans is another brilliant and addictive game with  5 lacks €. as the daily sale.

One can offer premium or additional content or offer basic features for free that require the user to pay to use complete functionality of the application. angry bird as the example of which offer additional content, updated every month for a subscription fee.

 Paid apps

It is suitable for all business model: we put a price on the app or game and the markets, by applying sales commission ,periodically take our part of the download profits. You can add the additional features and set the pay also for that too. it is very simple just buy it and own it. But as the simplest it is also not the best because of so many free options which makes users less likely to buy first.

This business model often supports a free demo version that secures the initial downloads and gives recognition to the product then set to pay to download an app and then pay again to avail more features .

An example of an app with this strategy is the flight tracker app in the top 100 apps, Flight Radar Pro. 

Free apps with advertising.

This strategy is like ,get the app  for free and you get advertisers to pay you by placing banners and pop-ups on your app.this business plan has been created up front and your marketing techniques . banner ads are  appear at the top or bottom of your screen and can be viewed whilst the app is in use.When the user click on the AD, you get paid.,
it won’t be rejected by the people, If as the free app,it increases the chance of being downloaded, shared, and used. some ad style allows a  phone number or by SMS along with the ADs to be called and leads to the app user directly contacting the business being advertised. these ads are audio or video ads that you integrate within your app, they are a great way to grab your users attention. For apps with long usage time this is a good choice or those which are used daily.
The most successful example  to make money from a free Android app is through mobile ads, with over 38% of app makers opting to use some form of mobile ad to monetize their apps.
Your app is the best app among the over one Million apps in the world, competition is fierce.  but if you can’t get the word out about it, nobody’s going to download it. Marketing is the important factor in the  apps ADs.There are a number of ways to market apps, including many of the traditional ways like TV, radio, print and billboards. But one of the best and most cost-effective ways is to use mobile advertising to sell apps.
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