Email Marketing is popular way to make the money.   people use e-mail address to communicate friends and other peoples.Nowadays all over the business  in the world depended not only on the social websites , mainly on the E-mail. E-mail Marketing is the top popular online advertising way any kind of product or services..
you can use email marketing  to get the  potential clients to your website ,to sell products, launch new products, leverage your list to increase your social media influence and increase your influence overall.  it’is the best business correspondent and communication tool.
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You can’t able to send the send so many emails from your own computer manually . it is not possible.
You must use the some other service like Aweber. it work as the Appropriate tools to access the e-mail,control and manage everything
Email Marketing have some great key features such as Cost efficiency, Worldwide Approach, Personal Channel, Result measure, Very earlier customer feedback and many more. Nowadays  e-mail marketing  in the world click ratio is 10% to 15%.
catchy title
Selecting the best title is the important key behind the e-mail marketing. you can attract the visitors to open the mail only by catchy title. Select the topic something that are more related, facing in the day today life. for example, select the topic related to fashion – risk in fashion, health issue- weight loss, skin protection, relationship , entertainment like oscar winners,,lifestyle like star style files, romantic holiday destination.. Sure the visitors will open your mail.
Reason  to contact people
You can connect the people if they buy anything in eBay, amazon. but it is not the correct reason to enter into their mail box. Choose the proper reason before entering in their mail box.
Good content  
You have to select the good content otherwise they will reject your e-mails. select the interesting topic something related to them, grab their attention where it is more eager to read, if you fails in that  with boring content , they will unsubscribe you.
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Best Money making way with Email Marketing:

Product Promoting:  

 E-mail marketing is one of the best and effective ways to promoting  your business or advertising  your product or service in online. All of them using email to communicate with others.This is the main key to success e-mail marketing. E-mail spam is the hectic issue in the internet, it will cause the decreases the e-mail marketing promotion.  If you want to success product promoting using e-mail marketing then you need to have good number of active mailing list.

The important thing is we have to find  the way to increase the mailing list. We van make it simple using few tricks
 ->send the  e-mail subscription option in your website.
->Request for email referrals.
->Forward email to all 
->Invite your friends through  social media.
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-> send visiting card to all
->send Email welcome card to all
->spread  E-mail list with your colleagues, Friends and others.
->Buy mailing list from popular websites
-> make email list visible in the websites
->Choose an best Email marketing tool or autoresponder
Affiliate Marketing:
Through email marketing you can easily affiliate your product . if you use the email to sell your product in the correct way, you will surely get  success. Without you effort in the email   you can’t success affiliate product sell. 
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Sell Sponsors Ad:
If you have  blog or website and you have a large number of visitors  or many e-mail subscription then you can
make offer advertiser for advertising any kind of product or services using your subscriptions list.  then you can insert sponsors ad in your newsletter to their mail id.
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This is the simple and the successful way to make money.