If you are expert or have a good knowledge any subject , don’t waste your knowledge, make use of  it in a good way, then  Answering Questions is  the best way to make money in online .Answer the Question related to the topic like general and cover most subjects you know there are enormous website and forum in this world about the Answer the Question , you just choice the best one for you . Better choose the registration free websites.
 Answering the questions seems like consultancy job.do some initial research to come up with the answer. cover the topic what you are expertise keep in finger tips, ready  to answer whatever they ask. You can do this job very easily just signup some website and forum and start working after approval then you can pose a question and invite others to answer you.Some of them are more specific and target a particular niche only. 
 Unlike Yahoo Answers, Anyone can supply an answer to any question in that website , Now I give some website and forum list for earning some extra money by answering the questions.
 Answers.Yahoo.com is a free website,and most popular among all around 50 million visits every day, where people ask questions and receive answers from real people. It is a cool way to get your answers and actually make money by answering questions.depending upon the traffic , you will get more money
This is  little different from other t questions and answers.your answer will be posted and you will get a  percentage of the revenue generated by the Google AdSense, 
Any one can use this site for handsome penny by sign up and there is no application process . When you answered any question and they will select the best answer among all  then your answer will published and you will get a percentage of the revenue generated by the Google AdSense.
WebAnswers is also temporarily running a trial where it pays for you to ask questions as well.For better money making you can also use two Referral Program in this site. You can also earn extra 10% of on all referenced user’s activity. 

 Student of Fortune


Basically you help the students to answering their questions and make money very simply. You answer for the combination of online tutoring and a question/answer sit for the students .you help students for an academic or technical problem   in variety of subjects , You can choose to teach your favorite subject and they are willing to pay for that help.you will get the 80% of teh profit depending upon the answer and will be paid via PayPal . 


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If you are specialist any subject then you can join this site quickly.  In this site you are providing advice via telephone to selling consumer products. You just need to include your rate specifically like hour and minute and routine time.fix the time you want to receive phone calls. You can market your self anywhere, put your ETHER phone number on your blog, website and even on your business card.

Just Answer


More than 20 million people will use in  areas including law, home improvement, health, tech support and others.Select your expertise subject among the catageries. Then, fill out an application, have your credentials verified, and start getting paid to answer questions.


You can work in your convinient timing  but users post a question along with a price they are willing to pay for that answer. Questions may be pay you from $5 to around $20. You only get 25% of the price being offered when you first start, but you can move up from there to 50%.Once your answer is accepted by the customers , the money will be deposited your account.  You can payout via Paypal when you earn minimal amount in 20$.




LivePerson is  most popular large user database  All you have to do is register online and fill in a few details such as your qualifications and any other special skills you would want to mention,categorized ( thus paid accordingly) based on your expertise.. Once your profile has been verified, you will be able to start answering questions  and make the bulk amount of money.



ChaCha is a mobile texting service  in both online and SMS.the customers s can text a question and ChaCha guides the free answer them via text message Guides are paid  rate of $0.02 per  answer that is given. If you are 18 or over and eligible to work in the U.S. then you can apply to be a guide. Don’t worry the questions that are asked are usually simple like the general topics, just google it in the net answer it simply,There is another option too  by giving the point to every answer. For every question you answer, you will receive 2 points. Depending upon the points entered,they will pay for you.


The pay is very minimal and has dropped significantly since they first started. You will answer the question in your convinent time , they will ready to pay for you. Answers are given in real time so you have to attempt to find the answer as quickly as possible.


Go to becomeaguide.chacha. section and sign up, They will display the video describes how chacha works?, then they willconduct the test to know about your knowledge level in particular subject you selected, you need to pass their test, don’t worry they will ask simple question only, i cleared it easily.


After you get passed, they will send you a mail, you will give the confirmation to that mail.Then go to the payment section, select the monthly package which will be deposited directly to  your bank account on the 14th of every month. The next option is Pay Me Now for which you have to set up a bank account with First Internet Bank of Indiana and wait for your debit card and pin in order to transfer funds immediately to your account


Other that the above websites  there are many websites about the answering the question ready to pay for you . Everyone is an expert about something. I have composed a list of different sites that will pay you for your opinion.

1. Guruza
2. Small Biz Advice
3. Shvoong
4. Answer Gem
5. Ace College Classes
6. AnswerGem.com
7. Maholo
8. Weegy
9. IndiaStudyChannel.com
10. Askables
12. KGB
13. AnswerBunch.com
 14. Know Brainers
15. HowWhereWhat.in
16. Help Owl