Selling the craft is the best idea for starting as the small business. you can work at your flexible time.


Many websites like crafty, folksy,eCrater, free craft fair,misi,dawanda,zibbet,silkfair,icraft,bonoza help you to sell your crafts

You can sell the handmade items like  Cushions and blankets, pictures, artworks, pieces of furniture, greetings cards, festive decorations, ornaments, pottery…Don’t worry about confusion of people  buy it or not, just create it,there will be people out  in the large internet world there looking to buy it!



Create the unique product , sell your product in the online is the high advantage .it better then get more profit in selling a bulk of product  to wholesale supplier . there is more demand for the unique handmade  product in the online . you will sell it in the high price.

sell on your Own websites or Blogs

Another option is by creating the own website. it saves your money too. it much better idea than selling in other established online marketing places. you don’t need to pay for them. it saves you money as well as increase your profit too.Many persons looking for the new products . the main thing if your site traffic will increased ,you will get money in advertisement helpful for the side income too. This way is better than putting your effort for  other’s online shops.

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You get to deal with your customers direct, meaning you can receive feedback on what people like about your products and what would make them more appealing.

If your marketing website will grow to the high level, you can give the job opportunity to others too, then you will put your whole concentration on making the craft and sell it. Many of the popular designers will started their life in this way only.Main thing is update the  blog or the website regularly.

sell in Social websites

Otherwise you ca sell your craft in the social websites like Facebook, twitter, pinterest. Even your friends also help you in your sales. You might be popular among your can market your product by Create a page in your social websites, list your products add your friends, your site will get popular among your friends and get growth through their mutual friends.


you might  consider signing up for Pinterest and becoming active. Follow other people, re-pin their crafts, and be sure to share all of your crafts along with a link going back to where they can be purchased. so interact and try to post something of interest to your followers.

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Etsy is  the best place for  selling the craft & handmade item online.Around 9 lakhs people sell their crafts in theetsy selling  12.3 million products  at one time.All you need is to create the account in etsy and sell your handmade items like  crafts, soaps, vintage items, and so much more.. There is no membership fees  until  the sale. after you get the sale, They charge .20 cents to list one item  as the fee for four months. if your item is unique and it can’t get it anywhere means they offer you the best price.they apply the 3.5%  as the transaction fee.

After you created the account You must have a valid credit card to sign up as a seller  for the transaction and to send the bill once a month a the listing fees.

This site is often more profitable in terms of crafts compared to eBay and even craigslist. They also offer the forum and comprehensive,in-depth blog and the  real-time chat workshops.If you are looking for the craft , etsy is the right place to purchase.

Etsy is also connected with the facebook and the twitter . they can announce new products, coupons and sales through the etsy applications.

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Artfire is  best-known marketplaces for artisans and craft people of all type.there is no membership or the commission fees to join in artfire. the main advantage is you can sell a maximum of 10 items in your shop at a time.Most of my friends prefer artfire is the best place to buy the craft items.

They apply the  charge for the monthly fee for your online store. they apply $20 a month as the fee, they will give the special offers and promotions going on that allow you to get a cheaper per month rate. Your customers can pay you with ProPay, Paypal, or Amazon Payments. Artfire tie up with the Amazon’s Universal Wishlist technology is a brilliant move.




eBay is the another option to the market place of your craft contains  tens of thousands of stylish and unique products from around the world.They can do the same with a hand drawn design you photograph and upload, as well as offering designers that bid on design requests you post.eBay is a great way for testing out your products for sale, and gives you access to a huge number of potential buyers.

your items may not get as much as traffic as they might on a more popular site like Etsy, but the good news is that they are completely free to use! They don’t charge you any listing fees or monthly store fees, so this would be a very risk-free way to start selling your crafts and/or vintage items. You can sign up and create a store and start uploading photos and creating listings right away.

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Online marketplaces attract keen buyers of handmade arts and crafts