Online forum is the easy way to generate money.Everyone can easy to create the forum, No need of investment it’s free of charge,You only must have a computer with a good internet connection. Get more members and always be active in the forum, allow the members to like, comment, view, post in free of charge . you can able to earn 200-400$ a month.


Many of them will discourage while staring the forum, because they come across the people who are not active in the forum without any post, no members to commenting, liking, viewing, making friends. such dead website will surly fails. we need to put some effort, do research about the forum what category we start about.

You can create the forum in many categories like general, money making, photography, technical,relationships, making money, computers, video games, books, movies, music, news, politics,fashion, Forex, PTC, GPT, PTR, chat, social activity,adults, cooking, craft and many can also make  money by commenting, viewing, posting and liking in forum.

First step to begin as the  member of a forum i creating the clear profile, add  many friends, then start viewing their posts and comment, like or dislike. Before becoming the member of the forum,  first read and understand the Rules, Terms and conditions If you have any doubt, clear it by posting your comments without a problem.After get connected with the friends in the forum they do the same to your posts. select one of the category and start to post in that forum category.

affiliate program in forum

You can conduct the Affiliates programs using  network like Google Affiliates and Click Bank  to boost traffics  to your forum. Create affiliate programs like   Internet marketing  including your products in the forum signature.. If you do not want to sign up for a network, visit other sites that promote programs or information complementary to yours.

Offer to allow them to post ads on your site and receive the same in return by display graphic banner, text, or link on advertisements for affiliate programs on the websites. You can get more traffic and become increase  the popularity of your website take to the high level to the best products and services. F or more information about the affiliate marketing , you might refer Learn about Affiliate marketing to make money


Charge Money Of Membership

Few forums apply the membership to access their websites to build the community before entering to make money in online. Depending upon the website they apply fee for monthly or annually to read and post special content. otherwise you set the advertise in the alternative to set the membership. you might have the exclusive information or the good content with the  solid reputation  in your forum  ,Without this premise, you don’t have reasons to charge your visitors.


Use Article Marketing

You can sell your article through your forum like its related to the blog. write about the good, unique content about the which category you opened the forum. this is the best way to get the high traffic to your website and increase the alexa ranking to your website. for the further details about the article marketing read the article->How To Make Money Online With Article Marketing.

Websites of online forum


I recommend few of the online forum websites to help you.You can get register with these Forums  websites given below and make money:


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