If you are a expert in the designing   in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver and some HTML, , then this article is for you, you can able to earn the lot of money in designing the templates.  You can sell the template in the affordable price,there are more demand for the web designers in the internet world to design for websites, logos, Powerpoint  .Many companies ready to hire the designers at any cost for their  exclusive template .
You can start using  your skills as  smaller businesses in home as well.then online marketing is the correct place to sell your works and mske the extra money . There are already a lot that exists on the web, like templatmetics, flashden, Buystockdesign,talk freelance,webmaster talk,eBay,site point, buy stock design,Theme Forest, that make your work very  easy . Just choose the one of the website , register to earn you $500 to $30,000 per month  for a designer to sell templates, and help you for their business.
you must refer the Websites to earn money by selling templates 
You can put the little effort to design the templates and sell it in many websites, or market in the resell the templates or sell your design in your sites itself. There is a considerable number of niches like  PDS design files, CSS/HTML templates, wordpress themes or plug-ins. in  with your professional templates. selling online business.
For any template platform you have chosen, try to go the extra mile by conducting research regarding the latest developments in that particular field.
unique design
Clients prefer your products because they want to save time designing and coding the same stuff themselves. you must improve your skills.how you can improve their experience with your product.. Try using your own product the way a buyer might
Do the research of other   templates  websites and find out the current trends  and the updates in the website templates. Once you will get the better  idea, make use of it and it helps to go the unique design. It is the very essential part in the template industry =>the word “ unique

Choose a correct partnership

Allot your work how much you are willing to do.. Not everyone can become  an elite designer, frontend coder, jQuery expert and WordPress themer. So it’s worth while to consider forming alliances with other designers, developers, and “chop shops” to expedite the process of releasing your product.Try to give you level best  in designer, give the remaining part to the experts to do for you, try to keep more control with you , that helps to earn more money for you. .
For example: Many of don’t know that the  WordPress is  partner up with a WordPress expert who’s perhaps not as design-savvy as you are.  hardcore developer also can’t do the design the website as a single. Find a correct suitable  partnership  is the best idea to make the better business, may be it will decrease your profit, but it’s much better than sitting simply , doing nothing, wasting your skills, no sales. just give a try.
Attractive visuals
Another important factor in the template designing is the appearance..don’t mess up with the too  many fonts, unbalanced font sizes, misaligned texts and  unbalanced elements and texts. you must show your website to be more attractive just correct your mistake and show it more neat and more balanced.While selling your templates, client will appeal only by your website appearance.
Not only in the appearance, and the internal beauty is also important that means the coding.The clients will need in different styles, they want to do more adjustment in coding for their facility.so duo the correct document in the codings,markup, scripts.it will avoid the confusion for the clients to do some extra work and save us from rejecting our templates.
 Sell through affiliate program  Affiliate programs is the best online selling way. If ypur website is more popular  with a good traffic and teh alexa rank then you can very well join an affiliate program offered by many if not all web template providers. All that you need to do is promote their templates and you can make easy money in the form of commissions.For further details refer Learn about Affiliate marketing to make money 

join in affiliate program through registration.They will provide you the banner ads to your website in your ad space . if your website visitor clicks the banner and makes the purchase you get a part of the commission. Commissions will differ depending upon the clients. Most companies use tracking software programs or individual services like clicksgalore, commission junction etc. for tracking sales.



Some good web template providers who offer affiliate programs are buytemplates.net, templatehunter.com, templatemagic.net and webzonetemplates.com Before joining an affiliate program make sure that the template provider offers allied/complimentary services like web hosting, search engine optimization, content insertion, domain name registration, template customization etc.  The  complimentary services will help you in promoting your websites