It is the simple process to make money in advertisements.Advertisers want  to sell their product through your blog, so you have to allot the  know that place for  ad on your site will expose their marketing message to get the lot of customers. they provide add depending upon the number of visitors in your blog, depending upon the visitors, you will get more ads in your website that leads to ore profit  to you.



The advertisers mostly focus on the traffic of the site . Make Money Online with Google Adsense  to generate income in the mime.


This article will show how to  implementing your own advertising, how to deal with potential advertising clients, how to make attractive advertising packages, how to offer great value, and above all, how to make good money.


Evaluating  traffic rank


you are selling access to an audience—your tribe.The  potential  advertisers will provide ads depending upon the traffic factors  Alexa Rank,how many daily unique visitors / month, how many  daily page views / month and the Geolocation (which countries are the visitors from). From accessing the traffic information, is it website worth to provide ads or not?


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Set the price of ad space


After you evaluate your traffic, Depending upon the high traffic level,you have  to determine what kind of advertising you place it in your ad space,and pricing of the advertising space. many website owners  want to set the banner ads and text link ads on their blogs, but you can offer other types of advertising  too.


First thing you have to give the priority  is the how much they charge for your ad space, they charges in the many way , but the banners and text links are not the only things you can use in your ad to.


COST PER CLICk(CPC )– the advertisers will set the price if the visitors click through your websites.

CPM – Advertiser pays a certain amount of money each time their ad is displayed on your website each time

Flat Rate– Advertiser pays a flat rate for advertising the advertising tricks to be attractive.


You must decide how you charging for the adspace , collect information how much other blogger will set for their add space who has the similar traffic like your websites and get the considerable pay from the advertisers.


Choose best advertisers .


First you have to set the correct allotment space for the advertisement , like the  quote “Your ad here” .make sure it is the  more detail about your options  for the  banner advertisements and text.and those details will include  traffic data, pricing, payment options, ad space is available, and contact information,  list of benefits of advertising on the blog.


Sometime you need to put more effort t to get advertisers to buy advertising space., otherwise you have to wait for the long period until you get the high traffic. Better way is to sell it quickly,and let others know that you are offering advertising space on your blog.


You can sell sell the ad space to the advertiser  for a fixed amount of money for a certain time for that regardless  how much clicks or impression the ads generate


Set the  ad space


1) A standard 336 x 280px block ad above the fold in the right sidebar

2) An inline sponsor, framed text link

Banner Ad Networks


Sign up to a network such as



and list your blog there so advertisers can see what you have to offer. Many bloggers earn money mainly through  banner ad networks


webmaster forums


Many  webmaster forums that allow their members to post ads in their marketplace.advertising section  is the part of the forum where members can buy and sell advertising . Few  top rank forum in the alexa rank are 



Read the rules before you sign in the ad space.Otherwise you directly contact to the website owners

If you have the technology related blog , check the websites to choose the technology related keyword  in search engines. just contact them directly to the tech related  blogs for advertising . or google for the  potential advertisers,select the best one in the long list.


Now you can easily make the money by following the above steps of blog ad space