Everyone will face the situation-“deadline”.There are many chances to occur for every freelancers and even in the big industries. Your client may get angry. you should always be aware of the consequences about the deadlines. Everyone knows that  there is trouble ahead.  You must be bold, never stopped with those dead line, you have to take steps to overcome this situation.  You have to fix up the relationship with the client again.   You have the find the reason of that dead line and take the remedy to rectify the mistake you did before.  Try to handle  better in the next situation.

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Here is the few steps to fix the deadlines


communicate to  Client

After the deadline,Many of people will try to demotivate you in such situation.  a missed deadline is something that requires damage control.  Don’t lose your hope, Get up soon as possible.Try to contact the client soon, Try to convince them as soon as possible.   Don’t wait until the last moment.   Try to complete the job as soon as possible .Point to ways that you or your team can guarantee that the mistake won’t be repeated. If you can convince the  client that a one-time missed deadline is not a trend, you’re on the way to getting back to business.

If any freelancer face this problem, explain your problem to me, ask permission for the extra time or better try to do the work within the correct period of the time. Prepare the complete the schedule,  try to complete within the time. Otherwise you need to let them know as soon as possible.

 Try to Apologize

If you failed to do the work in the scheduled time, May be it is not your fault. Be open with the client,apology won’t help them, But atleast they will get cool or get appreciation of the client’s needs.   Take steps to do them better than before.

 Assess the  past situation

Don’t stop that work after that.   See where you can adapt the project to get it back on track.  Do the research, take the complete note about what all the mistake you done before.  You can’t able to correct  the past mistake, atleast you will avoid to never happen again in the future. Never miss anything you done before.   Took the complete list of the mistake you did in the past.

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Create an new schedule

Try to make the new plan wit the reference of the past works, correct all the mistake you done before, Do  more research related to the topic you are going to do, collect more information,  perhaps you can skip a stage, combine subsequent stages, add personnel or schedule overtime to put things right.  Prepare the complete plan with the tine schedules.

Show the client that you are more serious than in the past work.If that cause because of the uncorrected time management, then correct it.  Show documentation to client  of how the deadline was missed.  Your documentation can prove that the project was being worked on and was not just forgotten or sloughed off.  They need to feel reassured that you’ve corrected the mistake that will never do the same mistake again.  Refresh your relationship again with the client.

Take Responsibility and Correct the problem.

If you did the mistake again, they won’t give the project to you again.  Modify future projects to reflect the missed deadline.  it not only affect your finance, and also your reputation.  They you can’t able to overcome this problem. Just keep in mind that it is your last chance.   Make sure all those above you know about anything out of your control that would have caused a delay. This way, you can try to avoid the entire blame for the lapse.  Try to communicate in every moment to your client to gain their trust again.  So don’t let the same mistake  never happen again.