You can make money easily by  uploading your files to file sharing hosting companies. you doesn’t need  to put any efforts.Some of them will offer a free premium account to their uploaders  for upload your files to their servers once someone downloads them  while others will reward them with money for uploading the files.


This way helpful for the people who work in office as the side income just to do in free times, or the  students,teachers and tutors. who tend to have lots of project files, as the same time to have the practice for solving the assignments , they also encourages other to share their informations to other workers or corresponding students  download being made on that file.After that Don’t forget that people like to download a file if they need that. If you are going to put your file sharing links on a forum or site check what files have most downloaded.


There are few  file hosting company, you can easily earn a passive income through those websites , You have to do only create a free account on such file sharing site, upload your files and promote your links on popular social media websites like as Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, linkedin.  as per commission rate per file download, method of payments, and the country restriction limit.Higher the file sizes higher the earnings too.  You can upload videos, songs, games, e books, software anything by those files but understand what people need.

 Many sites Give  this kind of service now. So you can select one site and start earning. But it is better to try several sites and check what the most profitable site is for you




 Hotfile is best site for uploading file with Worldwide Memberships,. They pay you for 1000 downloads from $2-$4 for free account and $7-$15 for platinum account,Minimum payment: $15and they send the Payment through  Epassport, Paypal and Webmoney.


They set the age limit of 18 to start uploading.Apart from sharing files for money they set the Referral earnings for extra factor of earning 20% from the money earned by referrals and additionally  5% commission of premium accounts sold through your site.All depends of the user connection speed, also there is restriction for free users: 30 minutes wait between each download and you will get pay .




 Ziddu is another very popular file uploading  site .You can send payment through PayPal and Moneybookers. It is    free site with No premium accounts.. You can get the  benefits such as parallel downloads and no time waiting limit for FREE.Pay per download rates are not very high – you can get up to 1 dollar for every 1000 downloads. you also can view, watch, listen online any uploaded file with Ziddu.  you will earn $1 per 1000 unique downloads, atleast they give the Minimum payment $10 per referrals.




You can get the great amount in uploading and sharing  the can get the payment as per $1-$5 per 1000 downloads for the free account and $4-$20 per 1000 downloads  for the Ultra account,atleast you get the Minimum payment of  $30. and you can earn the  10% from the money earned by referrals.


If your downloaded file is unique, demandable in overall site, you will get the high  revenue. The payments are made via PayPal,, Wire Transfer, Epassport, Alertpay,Webmoney and Epese. is a popular online hard drive site that has a secure remote storage capacity for important data backups .


 Deposit Files


DepositFiles is the best and fastest service for uploading, storing, and safe sharing of your files on the internet.You can upload without any restriction like your favorite song, ringtones, videos, games, lectures , files, upload it here and enjoy getting paid, but the only thing that you have to take care is your file should be under the capacity of 2GB.


you can get the money for 1000 unique downloads in the File Size Rate as 1Mb – 4Mb get 2$, 5Mb -9Mb get 3$,10Mb -49Mb  get 5$,50Mb – 99Mb get 6$,100Mb – 249Mb get 8$,250Mb-2000Mb get a $.and you can get the additional way of refer your friends about and make 20% of your income.. will  paid with the help ofPayPal, WebMoney, Check or wire transfer.





 Cracko is another best amazing file uploading site Get paid with uploading up to 2GB, allow you to have 200GB for those dead files to stay on the servers where it  ensures the uploaded docs does not violate any law and is completely inoffensive. You can download as much as you can but non active files won’t be stored more than 60 days for users that holds free accounts.





ShareCash is a best upload site,you just  register, upload files where you get paid CASH for every download you get! Get around $1 to $20 for every download.We offer the highest payouts per download, as well as a set great features  tools, tutorials, and support to get you earning in no time.  They support PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Payquicker, bank transfer, and checks