If you are a expert in designing the website , then you can easily earn money by selling the templates..There are many websites where you can sell your  templates designs at a very good price.You can become the affiliate and get the  percentage of the sell.

Many peoples are ready to buy the templates at any cost , and there is more demand for the exclusive designs .you need to put the little effort to design the templates and sell the many copy to different customers.The percentage varies websites to website.Here I’ve listed few best places to sell your templates.

Theme Forest


Theme forest allow you to sell HTML, Email,wordpress,PSD,Joomla,magento.There  are 13,580 Site Templates and

Themesans they selling for $3     only. They will fix the price depending upon the exclusive designs.. For exclusive themes, you will get between 35% and 50%, moving upwards as you sell more themes, for non-exclusive themes you will receive 25% of every sale. Items are priced on the complexity, quality and use of the file.
TalkFreelance forum along with the templates for sale.this forum is set for  to discussing web design.  web designers  will allow to sell their themes or templates.You can allot your comfortable  prices and hold auctions through TalkFreelance, and the you dont have to give percentage to the site.only thing if you want to sell, you’ll need to become a member of the forum. The site set the  limitation for the sales to members atleast each member have minimum five posts on the forums. 





 Templamatic is the best designing market place  with  the valid HTML and CSS mark-up, cross-browser compatibility and no copyright problems to sell and but the templates.You can sell templates in WordPress, Drupal and Joomla templates and skins for MySpace, phpBB with 90% Commission Rate and Post Approval Editing.


They approve within 1 hour after downloading,you can allot the price to your templates although it’s important to remember that you don’t get the full amount you set and Exclusivity is Not Required. you can become the affiliate with 40% Commission Rate in Lifetime. you will get the Highest Conversion Rate with the Transparent Business Model.






 Mojo-code is similar to Themeforest,50,000+ users and the community is growing fasteryou can sell templates for different categories for WordPress Plugins, Magento Exentsions, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, HTML5 and more!. If your design is more exclusive , you can set the price and you get from 50 to 70% from every sale as an , this website is much more small than Themeforest in terms of traffic, but works great in quality.We send out payments every month on the 15th.. We sent payouts using PayPal, MoneyBookers and also wire transfers if over $1,000.00 USD.


They encourage sellers to offer FREE giveaways, banner ads, promos on other sites.you can get more sales if you promote you designs through your own blog or website.



 You can sell lot of templates in the webmaster talk.This  community of skilled web developers looking to share our knowledge and expertise. If you’re looking for assistance or want to share your knowledge with the community, consider joining our webmaster forum.They allow webmaster to   the limitation in  the sales. . The site does automatically treat every listing as an auction, but you can easily sell multiple instances of a theme or template at any time.





recommend site ->How to make lots of money on selling on Ebay

 You can sell the website templates along with accessories and the home items  on eBay. like your things in home, you can sell the templates in the same procedures. Allot the correct price to  the correct worth of the your templates, lot of customers searching for the templates for their websites, you list the item in the selling list or in auction list is your opinion. you can sell the same templates with the multiple copy, and minimize your effort.