Mobile phone become daily part of our life, now you can earn extra will have to work for simple interesting  job like Task-oriented crowd sourcing like clothing, watching trailers, taking photos,,Mobile micro tasks, taking Surveys,Shopping rewards program, Loyalty/rewards program, or as apps  Rewards .

Then, you will try few apps that will  track you to  the money earning way.  lets check it out.,


Gigwalk  is mainly designated for business class people to complete the wide range of task at the right place at  right time. it run special assignments for clients at a preset price. it work in the IOS platform.

These tasks can be almost anything but some of the typical ones are price checks, app testing, data verification, taking photos, mystery shopping, surveys, etc

You can pay money by paypal account(check How To Earn Money Using Paypal)

Payment for small tasks can be as low as a dollar or two but can easily be more than $10  per hour.  you can choose a higher minimum payout to minimize their frequency depending on which odd job you pick.

Gigwalk is available for iPhone and Android phone

 Field Agent

 You turn into a field agent for some field work,to set the small instructions like You’ll get instructions of  checks with photo and/or bar code scan mystery shopping, surveys, product reviews, polls, verifying business locations, taking photos, brochure placement, go to  local shopping mall, grocery store, or any landmark.

It was used in the IOS platform mainly for the iPhone.

Each work  is worth between $2 and $12 (paid via PayPal)The  work must be completed within 2 hours, .Agents are awarded points for acceptable completions and lose point for unacceptable or uncompleted jobs


Shopkick is the best app who loves shopping. Just open the app, don’t need to buy anything.earn ‘kicks’ just by being yourself with Shopkick. Find participating shopping places that allow you to earn” kicks” with every walk-in and/or purchase and you will be able to redeem rewards with the ‘kicks’.

Purchasing items from the store or online rewards the user more kicks.Using the GPS on your smart phone it knows your location and sends appropriate offers.

it is used in the IOS, smartphones and Android platform

You get a first look at items at the store Shopkick works at places like Target, Toys R Us, Old Navy, Best Buy,JCPenney, Macy’s,Exxon and Mobil convenience stores.Use your ‘kicks’ to unlock gift cards ,discount and products .




Use your smartphone to log your TV-watching hours and be paid as  members for watching a certain program. When you log in to Viggle, it records the audio and specifies  the TV show. While points are rewarded for any TV  Users also get points by interacting with what’s on TV by answering trivia questions, voting in polls, etc., and by using social media and referring new customers. DirecTv customers get extra bonuses.

viggle pays with some points which can be used for prize of gift cards to some places like Fandango,  1-800-Flowers,Groupon, Best Buy Foot Locker. and Hulu Plus

It is suitable for Android and Apple devices (including tablets).The application can be downloaded from Google Play or iTunes application store.

Easy shift:




You can Download the app; create an account and start accepting Complete simple assignments (Shifts). You earn points as you successfully complete shifts and and incremented paying assignments.It is the  crowd sourcer offers tend to be for consumer brands as photographing particular items or or recording the price of a product.

It is the mostly available in IOS platform for  iPhone users.

You can pay it by PayPal accounts. Payments for shifts range from $2 to $20 and are processed within 48 hours .
it’s feasibility for you really depends on how many of them are close to you. You don’t want to spend an hour in travel time earning $2.


These are the  popular worldwide applications for the smartphone,iPhone and android phone  users to earn money easily.