YouTube is the biggest video uploading website, merely 4 million people watching video every month. It’s clear that entertaining and valuable content is in high demand. And now anyone can become a partner with the YouTube, monetization is actually more feasible than ever.

you can join the plenty of people who successfully make a living off the platform. Just know that it requires the right preparation, execution and equipment —and the main important thing is PATIENCE .  It takes plenty of time, patience, and luck to see a payout of any sort.

 Make Money Online - Uploading Videos On YouTube


There is the huge market running behind the YouTube, lot of people advertising their product their product through the youtube videos. Profit-sharing system  is operated by Google where video uploaders receive a part of profit  earned from advertisements shown next to their content.

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This idea encourages users to upload the more high quality videos helpful for them as well as the Google. Already there are plenty of people making a comfortable living from creating and promoting YouTube videos – and in this feature we’ll show you how to join them.

First  step is you have to create account on YouTube website.  It’s absolutely free to register on YouTube.  You can use an existing Google ID, but if this is tied to your personal name you might want to create a new one with a more eye-catching name. This new ID can be easily connected to an existing one
Mostly people go with the entertainment basis, so you also go in that way. upload some interesting funny video, or some romantic  or weird happenings, people are love to watch those videos. Before uploading the video, make it perfect by editing work in the window movie maker and other advanced software.

Become A YouTube Partner

 Already lot of youtube partners earned money through YouTube as the partner. Once you have uploaded videos to YouTube, be sure to apply for the YouTube Partner Program. Once you accept the terms and conditions your YouTube account should immediately become eligible for advertising.



if you’re not already a user of Google’s AdSense service, you’ll need to sign up for this as well. This is how your payments will be made, so if you enable adverts but don’t set up an AdSense account, Google will keep all the money for itself.You’ll have to provide a physical address – Google takes financial transactions a little more seriously than everyday website business – and it may take a week or more for your registration to be processed.


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After became the member of the partnership, YouTube will  display ads along with your video.  If your videos seen by lot of visitors, Partners gain access to more content creation tools, YouTube can share their profit  with the partners and InVideo overlay ads.

It’s also worth remembering that Google likes to tinker with and upgrade its services. It’s possible that one day you’ll wake up and find your financial arrangements and video-promotion strategies have been turned upside down by some big, unilateral change
It is important to note that, to get into YouTube powerful  Partner Program is not easy and requires one to gain subscribers even before applying for the program. but it will take few time, but if you are lucky person, you will reach the top personality by the single video clip For example gangnam style video enjoyed  around 2 million times. and the justin beiber became famous in over  night
You can  also get access to much more community support This includes both the ads that play during and before your videos, as well as the banner ads that are shown to the right of your video on Branded entertainment companies give more opportunity  to participate in their openings.
YouTube also offers a control panel where you can also check your monetization settings, and apply settings to multiple videos.
The main important thing of the video is the quality content. and the secret behind youtube is they release  at a regular intervals .So you upload the portfolio of movies that are generating views for YouTube on a regular basis, then you’re in after you fill out an application . Even lot of people are uploading the videos only few people will get success and get fame through the youtube videos.