How to make  money on selling on Ebay

 EBay offers an excellent way to make money by selling  your items. EBay has more than 100 million users all around the world and more than 2000 dollars sale and it must be the attractive marketing place to you too.  You can easily earn more then 100 dollar by just in sales. You can do this as a hobby or  as  the platform to make a small business is  all your choice, but it is the best way to the additional income or may be the  entrepreneurs.  There are only few tricks to make good sale in eBay.



Many customers searching for the lot of products just sitting in the home with coffee in other hand doing the online shopping, eBay is the best west website for the online shoppers and the price is always at  competitive  and the reputation of eBay is better than other  marketing sites. So if your product is unique with good quality,  products are always in the demand.

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If you are started as the beginner in the eBay, don’t be panic. It is the easy way than other money making sites, just start selling by few items with the initial capital price, after your hope will increased by  getting comfortable profit,then turn it into the small scale business. Then it automatically turn in the rich scheme business.

Decide the product 

Decide the correct unique product to sale. if it related with girls, start with jewellary items, cosmetics or cloths. or for gents sell the sports items is the best option for kids ,craft, paintings, handmade items, embroidery cloths, dolls is the correct choice or vintage shoes, bags, furniture, old records, old retro photos are always be demand in old thing collectors will ready to buy in the high bidder price..these creativity items always be  unique and in good quality .

Otherwise go with the creative digital informative product like  eBook, It is always be great in sale, It is just your imagination, no need to put any investment or just pick the expert’s book. Write about it and then sell it as a PDF under your eBay account for a small profit, Sometimes delivery also in digital. You can sell lot of copies in same price, not in count.  The best part of selling eBooks however is the profit potential they possess.

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you need to do here is pick a subject that you know a lot about and are somewhat of an expert on, write about it, and then sell it as a PDF under your eBay account for a small profit. Let’s say you are a computer whiz and can replace a hard drive with your eyes closed (not literally All—though that would be pretty impressive.) Write up a short report and then just put it up for bid.

Buy the items in the lower price  or sell your own thing. one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and will sell in high rate. Don’t need to buy the item in your taste.  Some people around the world will like it.

Uploading photos

When you put the photo of the item you are going to sell, just note the few keypoints, don’t put the blurred or unclear distracted photos. The visitors will buy or not buying depending on the photo you added, so put the good quality picture, Take photo in cool environment.

Take the photos of the items in different poses. You can create trust to the unknown visitors only by the  photos . At the same time don’t  pay too much money for upload the photos.

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Description and keywords

Write the good description about that item,and the information.  You write will be quite convincable even it was in higher bid and description will upto the buyers thought, this short report will improve more faith about the product for the unknown visitor.

Use targeted keywords in your item title AND description. USE THE SIMPLE EASY KEYWORDS, not need to be  great knowledge.  Describes the importance of using the right keywords to get the attention of buyers. If it’s a brand name thing, then people will probably be typing in the brand, not just the name of the item itself, so make sure to include the brand.

Do research

Collect more ideas about the product you going to sell, may be you will see the lot of  e-commerce sites selling the same product,  don’t see as the competitive . Go in your own way.get ideas from them, see the right price and you’ll figure out the right search keywords to write into your listing.

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Setting the price is one of the most important and difficult parts of listing an item. If you set the price too low, you risk losing money. If you set the price too high, you might not receive any bids.  Estimated shipping cost into the price of the item. Set a price in order to make this venture profitable and wait for the sales to roll in.