Uploading the video to  your website is the supplementary income to your website. It is the another best way to increase your revenue through your webpage. At the same time you can upload your same video in social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

Many advertisers are eager to incorporate video ads into their campaigns, embracing this new medium as an effective way to get their messaging across to potential customers online.

how to monetize your videos

 For many publishers, the biggest challenge in making money with video lies in the supply. For those publishers who do have popular videos on their site, there is a big monetization opportunity awaiting.

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Create Google Video Web Sites

 There are lot of videos add by the webpage in Google Videos where the link shows if you click  on Embed HTML the code will display on the webpage.  If you click on it, the video will play.

 First thing you have to do is to create the theme for the website related to the topic you are going to upload., then search the related keyword for the video and make sure the they already exist on the niche. If the video related to cooking, farming register a domain name such as cooking-video.com, farming-video.com and create a basic web site using the name. if you are created in wordpress os the blog, It is so easy to create.

 For the individual video, you have to create the web page, where it include  a text description about the topic of  the video.  Depending upon the theme, you may be able to find hundreds of related videos. Each one would then have its own unique web page on your site.

Add Google AdSense ads and related affiliate links to all page. Include an opt-in box so people can join your mailing list, allowing you to notify visitors of new videos and special offers related to your theme.After you done this, find another topic, and repeat the process with additional sites.

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 How to  put Google Ads Next to Your Videos

 After you created your own videos, upload it on the web, add a best text description about the video what you are taken, and add some Google AdSense ads next to them that might be of interest to your viewers.

 The important thing in the Google Ad is you have to put the only one video in each page or otherwise upload the videos in same catagery, and the keyword of the video is more relavant to the topic in your page title, headlines and descriptions.  Make sure your video is on a subject that appeals to an audience which advertisers are trying to reach Create an email opt-in list,and you have to interact with the visitors when you have news or special offers to share.

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Combine Web Video with Affiliate Marketing

 By that way, now you can  market your own products or services withe help of the video, you can use your videos for more opportunity like  you can promote your business through the video you taken.

 When you start a business for  selling  your own products, you need to look at using web videos to draw prospects into your site.  For example, by combining the WVZ Player with your own affiliate program, you’d be packing a powerful “one-two punch” when it comes to your internet marketing.By using the WebVideoZone’s Video Affiliate System, you can make it simple for your affiliates to place your videos – with their affiliate links built into the player – on their sites.

 If someone who views the video then clicks on the call-to-action features of the player and then buy your product  by  your site, the affiliate gets credit for the sale.

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 For example, you can combine the WVZ WebVideoPlayer and Video Affiliate System to promote your site through Video product reviews,Video tours of remote location. You sell the product  use can profit from combining web videos with your affiliate program. When you update your video at WVZ, it will automatically update on your affiliates’ sites in real-time.