If you want to earn  income  in online  blog is the right place. I interacted with the many successful  blog owners all around the country to know the techniques of  monetizing through the blog and They share the most amazing ideas to improve your blogs. Now i am going to share with you through this article. Take a look at the advice that follows, and choose the techniques that will work best for you. You will also get Financial success is on the way!

Best  Ways to Monetize Your Blog

 A few tips to do these technique to improve the  monetization:

  • invest in a hosting account
  • setup the blog properly
  •  start generating quality
  • niche-dominating content

Main thing to attract the readers is to build a community, and making sure that your blog gains some transaction. or  You’d need to invest money to  need a full team of designers, writers, and managers to keep pushing your blog to orbit to increase the traffic. You’d need to market your blog just as you’d market your business to take the money later.

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 Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate is selling some other’s products in your blog  and you will get the commission for the sales.  If for example you have a technical  blog and you team up with an affiliate to promote their brand, you will make a profit every time someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link. The amount of money you make depends on the agreed upon percentage from each sale. They do all the follow up and or customer service needed. you have to do  decent conversion with the customer

Affiliate networks make it a little bit easier to manage because you can get all of your links and stats in one place, plus payouts for all programs within the network will be combined. Sites like ClickBank, Skimlinks, Share a Sale, clickbooth, linkshare, commission junction and Amazon are good starting places when searching for affiliates.

Pay Per Click :

It is a very simple concept, If visitors click on the Ads, you will earn profit.  Ads come in a variety of formats like banners, sidebar text links, in-text links, full-page ads, pop-ups and pop-unders.  Mostly bloggers  use ad blocking browser extensions like Adblock and NoScript to hide ads in their websites. If this is the case, these users will not even see your ads to click on, so you’ll be losing out on money.

The amount of money you make per click is contingent upon that particular ad’s Cost Per Click (or CPC). Variables such as site traffic, ad placement, and relevancy of ads play a factor in its success. Reachli, Google Adsense, Chitika, BidVertiser, Adbrite,Yahoo Publisher Network  and Clicksor all operate on a PPC (or CPC) model.

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Many bloggers place the little button that says “donate” in someone’s sidebar to make a monetary donation to keep the blog alive.  The donation link leads the reader to another website such as PayPal where the individual can easily make their donation. It is an easy and perhaps out-of-date way to try and earn some revenue. Many programmers use this still, but very little revenue is earned through the donation feature.

Email Marketing/Newsletter:

Newsletters and email are great places to monetize your blog. You have multiple spaces on a newsletter that people do take advantage of, but what about the other aspects of your newsletter that sit there blank.  Visitors can sign up to be a part of your mailing list on your home page or employ a pop-up to collect them. 

All of these are places that you can show ads, sell space or use for partnerships. Your double opting emails, confirmation emails and other auto responds to  communicate may be as the  weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly email to give site updates including new content, merchandise, services, upcoming events, promotions, contests, and giveaways to drive traffic to your site. 

These are great places to have people follow you and to share relevant ads and products with. Think about what is an open opportunity that can add value to your readers and how you can incorporate a monetization strategy for these missed opportunities.

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Offering Consulting Services

If you are best in any skills like yoga, account, designer, beautician, dance, painting ,just use this to help people get the same time you will get   fee through your website. Use video chat for demonstrations, set up a toll free phone number for clients to call, communicate through chat or email, or whatever method works best for you. Ether offers an easy-to-use platform to conveniently set you up with your own toll-free 1-888 number, set your rate, and add a button to your website.

sponsored review

If you are good i reviewing or comments, just use those skill in good way-Getting paid to write a sponsored review on a product or article to make money with your blog. Don’t worry it have the  issue or not , whatever do well with honestly.  I have written a sponsored review and see no problem as long as you have at least reviewed the service or product and feel it is something you would review any way, there are lot of people around the world, anyone will like it.

Sponsored Reviews and ReviewMe are two places you can get set up to do sponsored review posts.  Write the review! get the commission !

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