There are another few ways to Monetize Your Blog. For the last section READ HERE =>  Best Ways to Monetize Your Blog- part 1

 If you have low traffic in your blog, don’t worry !! there are a many techniques behind the success of many bloggers.  You’ll be well on your way to driving more traffic, gaining more impressions  to the viewers to earn lot of money. Using this money making ways you are  not only will you be able to become a professional, you’ll be able to grow your business along with your blog.

make money with blog


Lastly there’s good old-fashioned selling. If you have a lot of supporters, surely some of them will be willing to support you by buying products with your blog’s name or logo on them. CafePress, Goodstorm and Printfection are the best site to sell the hand made items  likes crafts,T-shirts, posters, mouse pads, mugs and more by just uploading a logo or image of your choice is to  to display your products on your blog.

 Then try selling your original handmade creations on Etsy or sign up for your own merchant account via Paypal and sell your products directly from your website or blog. WordPress plugin. Zazzle is another great site that works pretty much like CafePress, letting you create custom products using an image of choice.

Sponsored Posts

If you really enjoy writing  then you are correct person to writ the post There are many website in the internet online that pay you to blog.  These sites are the middle man that bring advertisers and publishers together.  Some allow advertisers to choose the publisher they want to work with, while others let the publisher choose the desired advertiser.  Either way, if you write abouT the content the want, just publish in the blog you get paid a fixed fee.

 While some sites allow you to negotiate a price, others force you to go with what the advertiser has set. Some will even set a price for you based on your blog’s traffic and pagerank.  Few sites set the ranking rate and set the price for that post, and the best post get the bulk of money. Some of the top sites for writing sponsored posts are PayPerPost, SponsoredReviews, ReviewMe and Smorty.

Sell advertising space

You can place the  ads on your site without using an ad network. Tell your visitors that you are accepting advertisements and decide how much you want to charge per month or per year. A good starting point is to check out the users/businesses who leave comments or share your content, and find out which advertisers advertise on similar websites. Depending on your  target of the audience site’s Alexa rank, number of monthly or yearly visitors, you can get paid more than $10 to $100 each month per ad.

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Sell Your Website 

Easiest way by the website is  create the blog, attract the audience by more features, get more visitors then sell it in correct rate.  There are a lot of people out there who are willing to pay for a  best successful site with the good  content, They’ll then put their marketing skills to work, build the SEO backlinks, build the readership. brokers, websites like eBay are help you to sell your blog.


If you have the better writing skill, just start to write the eBook. just promote through social websites or by your own blog. or sell it through Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu, and Apple . Selling an eBook that is solid and helpful will make it much easier for you to sell to those visitors again in the future.

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RSS Feed Ads 

Many people using  RSS feeds for the advertising. Google Adsense has a tool where you can have Adsense Ads show within your RSS feed to expose readers to advertising directly. You can also get the money by where people can find the feed by placing static spaces for banners and one final one is to feed ads through it if you can program or code it.  All of these are great ways to drive impressions, on clicking on RSS you can also get commission.


If you have best important  content  in your website that you don’t want to give away for free, you can create a membership site and provide that content in exchange of some fee. you can ask it for the first time or the monthly basis and show a great way to earn a regular income or you can include the  instructional guides, weekly fitness routines, private forums as the extra.  With new tools online, the set-up has never been easier.  There are a lot of plugins available for WordPress that can easily convert your normal blog into a membership blog.  You have the choice of what you want to provide for free or for a small membership fee.

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Banner Advertising

You can sell sell your own product Ads or other product ADs use your own blog ad space.  Banner advertising also takes needs a big following on your blog to attract the big advertisers like Adsense, IDG  to make more  money.  You can also direct sell ads and use network ads as filler for unused inventory Or something in some publisher’s marketplace.