Nowadays it is easy to steal the identity by collecting your personal information through your credit cards, bills in your letter box, emails (in home or work ), post on social networking sites ( like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), bank  bill statements or  hack into your computer.

how to identify and avoid online money fraud     Some fraudsters mix truth with fiction to make their lies more believable. They lie when they promise you “guaranteed” high returns with little or no risk.Some fraudsters tell straight forward lies, fabricating facts or making bogus claims.

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Watch out for signs of fraud

Monitor your account 

    You will see something unusual than other days in your mail. On that day onwards you easily suspect  that some scammers will detect your account. don’t take this as careless, please notify us immediately using the contact us section at the top of the page. If you did compromise, you will lose your important files or datas. If you suddenly start receiving less mail, be cautious. This could mean that scammers are stealing or redirecting your mail.

      Identity thieves are also becoming more sophisticated. They simply hack your computer or by your bills may send you , email or SMS to ‘phish’ for information or pretend to be calling on behalf of your bank and trick you into giving them information. They may install a program on your computer that allows them to ‘spy’ on you and track your keystrokes every time you use your desktop computer or laptop.

 Fake phone number and seal

     Few fraudsters use involves assurances that an investment has been registered with the appropriate agency. The fraudsters will purport to give you the agency’s telephone number and invite you to verify for yourself the “authenticity” of their claims.Another trick involves the misuse of a regulator’s seal. The fraudsters copy the official seal or logo from the regulator’s website  o r create a bogus seal for a fictitious entity and then use that seal on documents or web pages to make the deal look legitimate

      With internet phone services and other web-based technologies, it’s tough to identify where they are  calling from. Do an internet search for the company name and website, and look for negative reviews. If you spot anything wrong, you’ll have to decide if the offer is worth the risk. After all, it’s only a good deal if you actually get a product that works.

Online Investment Newsletters

Few companies pay online newsletters to “tout” or recommend their stocks.  Touting isn’t illegal as long as the newsletters disclose who paid them, how much they’re getting paid, and the form of the payment, usually cash or stock.  But fraudsters often lie about the payments they receive and their track records in recommending stocks.

Fraudulent promoters may claim to offer independent, unbiased recommendations in newsletters when they stand to profit from convincing others to buy or sell certain stocks.

 If someone contacts you with low-risk, high-return investment opportunities, stay away. When you hear pitches that insist you act now, that guarantee big profits, that promise little or no financial risk, or that demand that you send cash immediately.

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overnight rich

Some websites will announce  that they can able to earn thousand dollar within a day. These are defenitly a scams. However, people will depend on our hopes and dreams of being rich without moving a finger.Often, the promoters will claim to have “inside” information about a development that will be positive for the stock.

After these fraudsters dump their shares and stop hyping the stock, the price typically falls, and investors lose their money They tell us that our dreams can come true, but only if we do what they tell us to do. The scammer’s greatest weapon is your emotions and belief. don’t subscribe overnight rich schemes.

Protect from scammers

Secure your mails with a lock and collect your mail regularly. Be safe when you use mails outside, notify the post office to redirect your mail. Mail sent to the wrong address could be used to steal your identity. Use a combination of numbers and letters and change your passwords frequently.

protect your documents

Avoid taking important documents out of your home to minimize the chance of them being lost or stolen. Store your important documents in a fire and waterproof container or a safe deposit box in case your home is burgled or damaged cut up your bills, Statements and expired cards to prevent thieves from using them. Main thing in online banking is to Log out of social media and bank websites and email accounts otherwise  anyone can access your details. Also lock your phone with a pin or password.

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Protect your mobile or smartphone

Be aware when installing applications onto your phone. Hackers may send you applications designed to download malicious software onto your phone and steal bank account details.lock your phone with a pin or password. Turn off wifi, Bluetooth and GPS when not in use. 

Don’t play a foreign lottery.

It’s illegal to play a foreign lottery. And yet messages that tout your chances of winning a foreign lottery, or messages that claim you’ve already won can be so tempting. Inevitably, you’re asked to pay “taxes,” “fees,” or “customs duties” to collect your prize. If you send money to collect, you haven’t won anything. Indeed, you’ve lost whatever money you sent. You won’t get any money back, either, regardless of the promises.